Zanzibar Holiday Package (3 Days)


 The Swahili coast, which dominates large swathes of the Indian Ocean coast, is home to some of the warmest ocean-water on the planet, and is on full display in Zanzibar. Just the name, Zanzibar, evokes dreams of romance and mystery and the reality will not disappoint the traveller seeking an enlightening and enjoyable holiday experience.

With fresh salt air in your lungs, you will navigate your way through the narrow alleys of Stone Town, examine the carved wooden doors of traditional homes, and soak up the palpable island atmosphere. Although the island is accessible all year round, the best time to visit is January to March and June to October. There are various festivals in Zanzibar throughout the year including the Muslim celebration of Eid, the Zanzibar International Film Festival, and the SautiZaBusara Music Festival.

Relax on one of 25 dazzling white, palm-fringed beaches, where the azure waters of the Indian Ocean beckon swimmers, divers, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts alike. Breathe in the fragrant scents of cloves, vanilla, cardamom and nutmeg, and discover why Zanzibar is called “The Spice Island”. Spend a few days here after a tiresome trek up Kilimanjaro or safari on the mainland and immerse yourself in the magic of Zanzibar.


The Paradise Beach Hotel Resort is located between Chwaka and Uroa, in a village named paradise_, one of the best tourist enclaves of Zanzibar, and just 35km from the capital, Stone Town and its international airport. Here, you will enjoy a spacious holiday complex by the sea with 700m of sea front, where you will be surrounded by the best service possible, in perfect harmony with nature. The resort has been recently constructed, using materials that are respectful to the environment and maintaining an authentic African style with European comfort.

Zanzibar Holiday 3 Days Itinerary

Price: From 565 Per Person