Activities/ What to do in Pangani!

1: Fishing with locals: Pangani fishermen navigated through the indian ocean. Enjoy a day fishing in a traditional dhow (6hrs)

2: Cycling: Cycle to the sand beaches of Ushongo by crossing the pangani river and pedal south for sunbathing, swimming or enjoy the sumptuous cuisine in one of the beach hotels (8 hrs)

3: Pangani river cruise:Take a relaxing trip up the pangani river whose water originate from Kilimanjaro.Float through dense coconut groves and diverse mangrove forests, discover the varied flora and Fauna and perhaps glimpse a crocodile (4hrs)

4: Walikng tour at the historical town of Pangani:You will walk around Pangani town with your local guide to discover the cultural heritage of Pangani by exploring ruins and monuments, the historical river front, the asian quarters , Indian street, the German post office and custom house, the slave market, the british hospital and German cemetery (2.5hrs).The architecture of Pangani reflects the influence of the Arab, Asian,Germans and the British historical presence in East Africa

5: A visit at Swahili Home:Spend time with a Swahili family and learn how to cook local cuisine using traditional ingredients, seasoned with exotic herbs and spices.

  • For women, wear a Khanga and get your hands and feet decorated with henna.
  • Men can sport a traditional garment, called msuli and the cap on your head i.e. kofia.

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