Hot Air Baloon Safari in Tanzania

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Observe African magnificence from above. Experience the unparalleled beauty and diverse wildlife of Tanzania through hot air balloon safaris. Float serenely over the plains, savannahs, and renowned national parks, indulging in breathtaking panoramic scenes and extraordinary animal encounters. From the grand Serengeti to the charming Tarangire National Park, these safaris promise an enchanting and indelible journey, crafting memories that endure a lifetime.

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Balloon Safari Experiences

For your Serengeti hot-air balloon trip in northern Tanzania, you will be collected around 0500 hours. An hour predawn drive through the bush to your launch site is a delight in itself. You may see nocturnal animals in the headlights that you could not have encountered any other way. Near a river like Seronera or Grumeti, you may meet grazing hippo. On the plains, a lioness may return from her kill, a hyena slinking in her wake. In the cool early morning, a light-weight long-sleeved jacket and long trousers are a wise idea, with sturdy shoes. Remember to take your binoculars and DSLR camera to make the most of this highlight of your Serengeti excursion. The huge balloon inflates swaying impatiently as it lifts. The intermittent roaring of the burner reminds you to put on your hat as it can get quite warm overhead. Assistants hold the basket steady, ensuring it remains level during take-off. Then comes the heart-stopping moment when you lose touch with the earth and become part of the dawn. As you ascend, the sky lightens from purple to pink. The sun clears the horizon, flooding the Serengeti plains with golden light. Your stomach clenches as you look out over your unobstructed basket side to the receding earth. Losing contact with the ground or the feeling of being totally at the mercy of the wind can cause an atavistic shudder. For an hour, you will have no control over where you go or what you see. However skillful your pilot, he can only go where the wind takes him, so you need to accept your helplessness, let yourself experience the enriching sights, sounds and sensations of your flight as well as the emotions it arouses.


Hot Air Bavloons

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Hot air balloon safaris in Tanzania offer a captivating and enchanting approach to explore the country’s remarkable scenery and wildlife. As you drift above the Serengeti or Tarangire National Park, you’ll behold the magnificence of the African wilderness, from golden grasslands to vast herds of animals. These airborne journeys provide a distinctive viewpoint that encapsulates Tanzania’s natural beauty and dedication to conservation. When you partake in a hot air balloon safari, you’re not only embarking on an extraordinary adventure but also actively contributing to the preservation of Tanzania’s wildlife and the sustainable development of local communities. The memories and experiences you gain from a hot air balloon safari in Tanzania will be etched in your heart, representing the unparalleled beauty and tranquility of the African wilderness

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