Tipping Recommendations

Tipping Recommendation

While we realize that tipping may not be a common practice in all countries and cultures, it has always been a customary tradition on Kilimanjaro and plays a part in the financial compensation for the crew on the climb. The crew wages are a basic amount and the tip complements these to provide a living wage. Recommending tip amounts is challenging because the minimum wage is not enforced so there are varying salary amounts being paid. Here is a basic tip amount for each crew member from the group (not per individual climber):

  • Guide: $20 per day
  • Assistant Guide: $15 per day
  • Cook: $15 per day
  • Porters: $8 per day (for each porter)

Tipping Procedures:

Tipping guidelines and a transparent distribution procedure should be shared with you before you begin your climb. You should also be informed of the number of crew that will be accompanying you on the mountain at the Pre Climb Briefing. This information will help you know the amount of tip before the climb.

We encourage you to meet your crew at your first campsite to ensure you have the number of crew promised by the Company. You can write a list with each crew persona’s name and refer to this list at the end of the climb when you distribute tips.

It is ideal to have a tipping ceremony with the climbers and crew after the climb.  Tips can be placed in individual envelopes and the climbers hand them directly to each crew member.  We highly recommend tipping each crew member directly to ensure that the full amount of tip is received.