Our Kilimanjaro Guides, Chef and Porters

Our Kilimanjaro Guides, Chef and Porters

Our Mountain Guides: Having skilled, experienced and reliable mountain guides, Cook and Porters is crucial for Mount Kilimanjaro expeditions. Our Kilimanjaro Guide services stand out as the top choice! Trek & Hide Adventures exclusively employs local Kilimanjaro guides extensively trained in first aid, mountain rescue, and knowledgeable in flora, fauna, and geology. They are all officially registered with Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA) and boast extensive experience, with many having ascended the mountain over 100 times. These professionals possess an intimate understanding of the mountain terrain.

Our mountain Chef: We use professional cooks who are experienced in catering both local and international cuisine to accommodate our clients’ special dietary requirement/ restrictions.

Our Porters: Our mountain porters are well looked after by the Company to ensure that they are properly clothed, equipped with Camping gears and are well fed throughout the time that they are serving our clients on the mountain.

Anticipate the following from our Kilimanjaro Guides, Chef and Porters:

Enhanced Safety Measures: Your guide is adept at recognizing and averting potential dangers like slippery paths and unstable rocks. They are equipped to anticipate, identify, and manage altitude-related ailments.

Expertise in Climbing: While Kilimanjaro trails are typically well-marked, your guide considers various factors such as weather conditions, trail density, optimal rest stops, and pacing, ensuring a seamless journey.

Comprehensive Mountain Insights: Your guide possesses comprehensive knowledge about mountain specifics. They provide details about vegetation zones, campsite altitudes, distances, and insights into the mountain’s geology, flora, and fauna, enhancing your trekking experience by offering a deeper understanding. Our Kilimanjaro guides prefer working with us due to our bookings for small, private groups on the finest routes. Our porters prioritize your well-being, and in turn, we ensure they receive proper care.

Fresh Food & Delicious Meals: Our dedicated ground team and Cooks will always be there to make sure that all three meals are prepared and served in a timely manner! With an amazing skill, don’t be surprised to be served with a delicious birthday cake and or pizza prepared by our Cook on the mountain despite the restrictions on both cooking equipment and ingredients!

Trek & Hide Adventures is dedicated to engaging, empowering, and fairly compensating local guides, cooks and porters. Our mission revolves around uplifting the individuals who accompany you on your journey to the summit. In Tanzania, a country among the world’s poorest, the average annual income per person is merely $700. Guides and porters often fall among the most underpaid workers in our society. While many trekking operators exploit this situation by offering minimal wages, we are committed to mutual empowerment. Rest assured, we allocate at least double the average local salary from the fees you pay us, without increasing costs for you. Allow us to lead you to the Roof of Africa while also contributing to the well-being of those in need.