Tanzania safari Accommodations

Accommodation during Tanzania safari

Accommodations in Tanzania are a pivotal element in ensuring a pleasant and comfortable experience when exploring a foreign land. Travelers heading to Tanzania need not worry as the country offers a diverse spectrum of lodging options, catering to all kinds of visitors, ranging from hotels to bush camps. Choices include villas, family bungalows, resorts, and campsites situated within Tanzania’s various National Parks. Tanzania draws in more tourists than any other African nation, and it’s reassuring to note that its lodging options are expanding to keep pace with the escalating tourism, aligning perfectly with its growth.

Safari Luxury Lodges & Hotels

Do you want to enjoy your safari in luxury? Then we recommend to go for the most beautiful and luxurious accommodations that our safari parks have to offer. They mostly include amazing amenities, such as swimming pools, fancy restaurants, or even spas. The locations of these luxurious accommodations are usually top notch and make for amazing safari views – from the comfort of your own room. The lodges and hotels also include a luxurious dining area where you will be served your breakfast and dinner.

Safari Lodges & Tented Camps

These mid-range lodges and tented camps are a great option if you want to enjoy your safari in an affordable yet comfortable accommodation. They all include a space for yourself – a tent or a room – with your own bathroom and bedroom. They are either located inside the safari parks or they are located outside the border of the safari parks. The lodges and tented camps also include a comfortable dining area where you will be served your breakfast and dinner.

Safari Basic Camping Camps

If you choose this accommodation style, you will be sleeping in a pop-up tent on a public campsite inside the national parks. The tents will be set up by Team Trek & Hide Adventures and will be spacious enough for two people. The sleeping bags and sleeping mattresses are included. The public campsite offers a basic (shared) bathroom facility and it has a dining area where you will be served your breakfast and dinner.