Kilimanjaro Treks Umbwe Routes

Kilimanjaro Treks Umbwe Route

The Umbwe route is renowned as the most demanding path on Mount Kilimanjaro, earning its reputation rightfully. Due to its rapid ascent to high altitudes, this trail lacks the gradual stages necessary for proper acclimatization. Despite the trail being scarcely populated, the likelihood of success remains low. Umbwe is acknowledged as an extremely strenuous and challenging route, suitable only for seasoned hikers who are confident in swiftly adjusting to high altitudes.

Approaching from the southern side, the Umbwe route is characterized by its brevity, steepness, and direct ascent. Upon reaching Barranco Camp, the trail veers eastward, passing beneath Kilimanjaro’s Southern Ice Field along the Southern Circuit before reaching the summit via Barafu. The descent follows the Mweka route.

Umbwe route Map

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