Kilimanjaro Day hike – Mandara Hut

The Marangu route nicknamed “Coca Cola Route” begins in the eastern side of the mountain. It is the easiest of the Kilimanjaro routes (with about 29% of climbers taking this route every year) but needs at least 5 days to attempt the summit successfully. Unlike other routes such as Machame and Lemosho route, when taking […]

Kilimanjaro Day hike – Shira Plateau

The Shira route is one of our preferred routes due to its low traffic, beautiful scenery and a high summit success rate. The route starts off from the western side of the mountain towards one among the highest plateaus on Earth! On While at the Cathedral Point, you will enjoy an amazing view of Kibo […]

Olpopongi Maasai Village Day Trip

The Olpopongi Maasai Village provides a unique Maasai and wildlife experience in the West Kilimanjaro Maasai land just 74 km from Moshi town. In a day, you will be able to share the authentic Maasai life and culture in a traditionally built village (Boma). Your visit at the Olpopongi Maasai village will support local Maasai […]

Kikuletwa Hot Spring Day Trip

The Kikuletwa Hot Spring is located just about 2 hour of drive from Moshi. The natural pool is fed by groundwater flows, which come from Mount Kilimanjaro. The natural warm pool is hidden in the beautiful green forest, and it is an ideal place for taking a relaxing dip or simply spending a day for […]

Kibosho Village & Materuni Day Trip

Kibosho is home to one of the oldest Catholic Church in Tanzania. The 120 year old Kibosho Catholic Church at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro is a stunning structure composed entirely of stones. It was built by the Germans in 1893 and is located in the midst of the banana plantations in the area. Materuni […]

Lake Chala Day Trip

Lake Chala is a crater lake located on the border of Kenya and Tanzania on the eastern edge of Mount Kilimanjaro, about 55 km from the town of Moshi. Depending on the time of year, it ranges in colour from deep blue to turquoise and green, it is surrounded by a 100 metres high crater […]

Materuni Waterfalls Day Tour

Materuni waterfalls is located just about 45 minutes’ drive from Moshi town and it stands 150m high in the lush green forests on the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This excursion is ideal for body acclimatization especially for those planning to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro as the trek will take you up to over 1,400 m/ 4593 […]

Tarangire National Park Day Tour

Tarangire National Park is best known for its elephant viewing. A wide range of other grazers frequent the part’s red-dirt plains, which are studded with ancient baobabs and buttressed termite mounds, and bisected by the palm-lined Tarangire River. Meanwhile, a checklist of 550 bird species ensures that Tarangire is often rated as the top ornithological […]

Ngorongoro Crater Day Tour

The largest intact caldera in the World, the Ngorongoro Crater shelters one of the most beautiful wildlife havens anywhere. A permanent population of more than 30,000 animals inhabit a mere 260 km² (100 square miles) in the 600 m (2 000 ft) deep crater, making this one of the few places in Africa where guests […]

Arusha National Park Day Tour

Arusha National Park includes the Momela Lakes, Mount Meru and the Ngurdoto Crater. The park has a rich variety of wildlife, but visitors shouldn’t expect the same game-viewing experience they find in other national parks of Tanzania’s northern circuit. Despite the small size of the park, common animals include giraffe, buffalo, zebra, warthog, the black-and-white colobus […]